How to get free theme installation.

Thanks you for choosing ZPLUS Theme. For free theme installation simply mail us at [email protected] . We will take care of the rest.

What details do you need for installing ZPLUS Theme on server .

We will need the following details –

FTP Credentials

Domain name where the site needs to be configured.

Database details

If you have WordPress already installed then only FTP and WordPress Admin credentials are required.

How safe are sharing my credentials with your team.

We do not save any credentials on our end  and once the set up is ready we will inform you so you can change the credentials to your need.

How much time is needed for theme installation

Setting up the theme takes less than an hour but it depends on the workload.

What does 1 hour free customization include ?

Free 1 hour customization includes only changes to theme options set up in case you cannot modify or have trouble changing the theme options. However this does not include any code changes or extending functionality of theme.

If something that needs couple of minutes work ,we will happily do it for you. If the change is major you can order our customization services.

Do you charge anything for 1 hour customization


Can you make the theme look like my PSD of Mock up ?

Yes we can customize the Theme as per your requirements. Check our customization and services.

I need more customization !

Check out our services and customization page.

I have a question !

Kindly mail us at [email protected]