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Presenting the all new and improved ZPLUS theme. Why its an ultimate minimal blog theme. Well we are sure by the end of this article you will also know why we say ZPLUS Theme is the ultimate minimalist WordPress theme suited for all types of casual and hardcore bloggers.

WordPress as you all know was created by Matt Mullenweg for the sole purpose and has evolved since then into a robust and powerful content management tool. Its trully fascinating how much you can create and accomplish with WordPress but still all this has not defeated or created an small illusion that it cannot be used for simple blog, in other words its still holds on to its roots and that is simple and clear blogging.

With the years WordPress has undergone tremendous improvements and this is only going to get bigger in years to come.WordPress is currently powering more than 27 million websites and is widely adopted across the web. Although different people have different tastes thats why you can see lots of different designs of blog theme are available in WordPress repository and also on web. The minimalist WordPress theme have also been around for long but the use of new age flat devices has made this trend of making this minimalist design a favorite one among bloggers.

ZPLUS theme which was developed with a strong focus of being a multidimensional theme suited for creating all types of clean and minimal blogs sites. Its got enormous styling options so you don’t feel that your blog isn’t as personalized as you want it to be. The ZPLUS theme is powered by the very popular and easy to use Visual Composer, so to create your site or design your content you don’t need to code or learn coding ,simply Drag n Drop. ZPLUS theme has the available styling options in the VC Blog styles to showcase your site and make it unique.

  • 15 Diffrent Style Options for blog designs
  • Select posts from all categories or from specific category only
  • Number of posts to show
  • Post Title position and alignment
  • Post Title font size
  • Number of Items per row. For Grid and Masonry – (2/3/4 )
  • Title Text color
  • Title Padding
  • Post Title Separator (Image )
  • Category Position ( Available in Blog styles – Small, Medium,Large , Grid and Masonry )
  • Category Font Color and Hover Color
  • Category Design (None, Box, Rounded and Image )
  • Continue Reading ( show / Hide ) and Button Color and Hover Color
  • Social Sharing- Show / Hide and Button Color and Hover Color
  • Post Meta – Show / Hide
  • Post Meta Text Color and Hover Color
  • Blog Design- None, Boxed and Box without padding.
  • Post Separator- ( image)
  • Post Filter – Enable / Disable
  • Post Navigation Type – None, Default, Classic and Load More
  • CSS Animation Style
  • Animation Delay – Set in miliseconds

Check out the all unique clean simple and minimal demos that we have created using the ZPLUS theme.

ZPLUS minimal theme

This is the first of the minimal blog design made by with ZPLUS theme. This is an elegant design suitable for all the blog lovers who want an alternate post design blog. In this blog there are several options for the customizing the post, its title, meta, content width of the page boxed or full width. The site content can be set from the theme options panel or alternatively if you want then you can make any specified page boxed or full width directly from the individual page option. This minimal design is suitable for all types of personal blog sites, travellers, photographers, professional and all types of individual blogs. Its got very beautiful extended sidebar icon on the menu. Some times you want to showcase a small bio with social profiles in theme, to make it easily accessible from any page. You can use a nice punchline on the home page before the page as in the demo. This will allow your visitors to connect with you on direct, and its also very elegant way to have a featured image on home page.

zplus minimal masonry blogging wordpress theme

This is a minimal design blog with post presented in masonry style with 2 columns. Its a very minimal design for contemporary clean blogs. Its got three different types of post navigation to choose from – Load more ( show in the presentation site ) , Default navigation and Numbered navigation. You can easily modify the text heading on the home with frontend editing,simple login to the site and navigate to the home page. On the top there will be an option “frontend editing with Visual Composer”. This minimal presentation is best suited for minimal story tellers who want to focus the their reader attention to stories with help of small postcard sized featured images on home page. On the inner page you can design any style with visual composer.

zplus fullscreen minimal blogging wordpress theme

With ZPLUS you can also have a very clean fullscreen blog with 100 percent focus on your post image. Here you can manage the post content including the meta,titles and also if you want to show post excerpts simply modify the Blog style elements to set the number of words to show in post excerpt. This fullscreen blog presentation of blog brings all the focus on the words and single image in the background. This type of minimal design suites all types of story tellers, photographers and bloggers. Fullscreen blogs are always in trend as its very simple and the site looks very simple clean and yet very stylish.

zplus fullscreen blogging wordpress theme with custom height

This design is a little fork for the above full screen blog element, only with an extra availability to set post featured image height. The ZPLUS theme’s blog element will do the rest. Its fully responsive and the image will not be cropped else the quality will deteriorate on large 4K monitors or large high resolution displays. This design is also has a revolution slider on home with parallax. The menu is placed under the header featured slider. This type of design is an excellent choice for power bloggers who want to place a featured image above menubar , this can either be set to custom height or fullscreen mode on revolution slider settings. This is a minimal blog design is sure to gather lots of accolades for you and a recognition for your blog.

zplus minimal masonry blogging wordpress theme

ZPLUS theme has the options to make your design easier. With just a click you can set up a vertical header on your blog. This minimal design is very simple and clean design with left vertical header with beautiful masonry posts on home page with striking typography. You can easily set the color and text of the site. And if you want you can also make this design into a post grid instead of masonry. This kind of design has a very aesthetic look and feel. Well beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

zplus vertical header minimal blogging wordpress theme

The above design is a very clean and minimal blog design for all the minimalist. Its simple, sophisticated and has a unique layout. Its got a large image background thats sticky in the background . The home page displays the post title meta and post excerpt. Visitor will see the static image and the posts will scroll giving the blog a very nice and minimalist look. This design can be used for all types of sites to display their beautiful bold typography.

VIEW DEMO zplus minimal blogging wordpress theme

This design is a uniquely beautiful minimalist design with emphasis on clear blogging and attention grabbing typography. This design has is a fullscreen mode theme with only the logo and Menu icon on header. The menu is presented in a clean full screen style. The theme looks terrific on smaller as well as devices and is fully cross browser ready. On the left side you can have your own featured image. It also does not compromises in speed and functionality.

 minimal layout blogging wordpress theme The next style is a relatively simple blog design with a clean and news board design with attention grabbing headlines. It has a featured slider and recent posts on the home page. Its a new kind of a layout which can be best suited tor tech magazines or personal blogs where you want to display post titles in a newer style without any more fuss. You can also interchange between any of the available headers to suit your requirements and also add a Ad zone to the header and yet remain very minimal in style.
zplus minimal and clean blogging wordpress theme

With ZPLUS theme you also get lots of pre designed blog post slider. In the above design there is an amazing clean featured post slider along with some of the recent posts from your blog. This design is very well suited to personal blogers, enthusiast, niche bloggers and creative authorities. Its got a clean, sharp and a uncluttered design to showcase your writing skills. There has been a rising trend among bloggers across all categories to present their content to masses without cutting down on the aesthetics. This design suits all creative juggernauts small, medium or large.

zplus clean magazine personal blogging wordpress theme

ZPLUS theme is versatile, flexible and ridiculously easy way to design a website. The above design is a clean design for all those who want a minimal magazine style blog theme. The sidebar has lots of widget like the about me widget, newsletter and Instagram beautifully matching the site design. The blog design has a minimal and layout which showcases the posts in a eye catching way. Apart from styling this design has an extended sidebar in which you can add any of the available WordPress widgets.


zplus minimal blog wordpress theme

This design is a perfect balance of retro and modern styles. It has a nice featured post slider with three image links and grid style recent posts on home page. The choice of fonts makes this design both minimal and classic.

zplus clean and minimal blog wordpress theme

You can also have a two featured image post slider on the home with animation. This post slider is a nice new addition in the latest version of ZPLUS Multipurpose theme. In this minimal design demo you have beautiful typography with large featured image in all recent posts. ZPLUS them also supports various custom post types like Gallery, Video, Audio and Quotes. This design is suits all types of blogs and at the same time looks stunning on high resolution devices.


Minimal blog design

The above design is very simple and minimal . It only shows your recent posts in a neat and bold way without any distractions for the reader. Every color can be customized easily from the theme options. There are few more designs to choose from on ZPLUS demo page. Check it out to see all the blog styles yourself.


Conclusion – With times changing and lots of bloggers choosing the minimalist designs for their WordPress blog the trend is here to remain. From the demos above you can see the various possibilities of designs for a blog with minimal and clean design putting all the emphasis on writing. Now gone are the days wen you have to choose between different themes to create your own unique site. With ZPLUS you can design your own magic from scratch or can choose from above demos with one click install. Simply select the design and and start Blogging your way to success and share your story to the world. So with ZPLUS you have the power to have a superb ,clean and minimalist WordPress blog and that’s why ZPLUS is the ultimate minimalist WordPress theme .


Do share with us the designs that you like and we will be adding more new minimal blog designs to created with ZPLUS theme in the upcoming update. If you think you have an idea or suggestion for ZPLUS theme, please let us know.





I am a WordPress addict and the creative force at ZOLO Themes. I love to design websites, check new WordPress Plugins and help out small businesses on WordPress sites.

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